Making cardboard boxes for giving gifts


Everybody wants to give beautiful gifts. But even after giving beautiful gifts, you cannot earn a lot of respect because the packaging is not done in a proper way. Packaging plays an important role, while you are giving gifts.

If you’re looking for the best way of packaging a gift, you should pay a lot of importance to the process of packaging, and you should invest a lot of time behind it. It is also advisable that you ask some expert to make the packaging for you, if you are not an expert in handicrafts and similar other tasks.

You will need some cardboard, and you will have to draw a number of small shapes within it. At first you will have to draw nine squares, and after that, you have to consider four squares to draw one circle. There should be 3 square along the length, and 3 along the breadth. The two circles should be drawn intersecting each other at the diagonals. After that, you will have to cut them in a proper manner, which will help you to make the cardboard box that can be used for packing the gifts. After that, you can paste a piece of ribbon, such that it looks more beautiful.


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