We Are Adding a New Christmas Design: Paper Snowflake

Have you ever heard that no snowflake in the world is the same as another snowflake? You can think of what is the coherence between design and this information.

Surprise… Today I will tell you how to make paper snowflake. So, everyone will have a unique design that no one else has. If you think that you cannot do the freeform cutting without the necessary material, you will need to get an output of any snowflake template. In addition to the template, a craft knife or scissors is required. I preferred cutting with a craft knife, but the scissors would be more appropriate if your design is more curved.

Participants can also make random cuts on freehand. Snowflakes are in perfect mathematical form as you know. For this reason, the most important issue here is that the paper folds evenly before cutting. You can fold twice for folding, but fold up 3 times to create the most appropriate number of hexagonal images.

After the folding is finished, apply the cut and finish. When you restore the paper, you will have a perfect snowflake design.

Because it is a cheap design process, you can try for many times to achieve perfect geometric shape. You can even encourage your children to design. Be careful not to cut their hands, however, and encourage your child to design by drawing only if he/she is not old enough to do the cutting. You can then cut through your child’s drawing and make him/her feel happy.

You can design a snowflake as big as you want. Then, connect these snowflakes and hang it from the ceiling or anchor it to your curtains. The idea of ​​making snowflakes these days is also very important in my opinion as Christmas approaches.

Now I want to talk about three-dimensional snowflake designs for those who want to do a bit more. There are interesting methods for this design. I’m talking about the three-dimensional snowflakes shown in the picture below, which I think is most understandable;

The materials you need for this are the same, in addition you will need the glue. You need to cut the paper into strips first. You should then place them on top of the base like a basket weave and bend them inward symmetrically to give them a three-dimensional appearance, and gluing That is all. You can create different models by performing the bending process in different order.


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