With These Cone Christmas Trees Prepare Wonderful Christmas Trees for Your Homes While the Christmas Is Approaching

One of the most valuable times of the year is Christmas. As Christmas approaches, I continue to share many DIY ideas. Today, I want to talk about handmade Christmas trees. These trees will not be the kind of Christmas tree that covers the classic room. These Christmas trees can easily be made from paper, wood blocks or old fabrics you do not use.

All the trees I will give examples of are made in an easy way. Here is another reason to use your hand skills.

You can easily find the template you need to prepare these cone trees. You can then start taking this template out of the printer. Since the paper you get from the template will not be thick enough, you should choose a thicker, cardboard. After copying the template lines to this card with copy paper, cut them off where necessary. You can find the cartons on the market for $ 1. For this reason, you can produce these beautiful looking New Year cone trees at very low cost. Because they are small, you can make 4 or 5 and make it look like you have a forest on one side of your room.

Cut the fabric piece with this cardboard in the same way. If you cut the fabric a bit wider, you’ll be sure there’s no space left. The fabrics you use will be glossy and silk fabrics. If you have used simple and simple fabrics, you can also add a fancier appearance with bright sims or small beads.

I saw some of my friends pasted moss to give a more natural look on the fabrics. If the algae are clean enough and you do not plan to use them for longer after Christmas, adding algae may be a good choice. However, since the moss will gradually fade and start to spread bad smells, you cannot make a very long-lasting design. Of course, this is a matter of preference. You can design it in the way you want it to.

One of the natural materials like algae is the pine cone Christmas trees that can be prepared by combining the pine cones in an inverted form. And these trees will not be short-lived like the trees made from the algae. They even look great when you put some lacquer on them.

Another interesting and natural-looking design I have compared is the Christmas trees, which are wrapped in thin tree branches that you see in the picture below. I was really impressed with this idea.


The design shown in the picture below, which I found on the internet, is a very well-thought-out design according to my opinion. There might be more areas to evaluate old curtains. If you are not thinking about making wedding dolls or artificial white roses, and you have an old perilla, you can decorate your cone tree like this. It really seems to have a pine tree texture. Then you can design a chirping Christmas tree by connecting small colored beads.


It is important that a metal rod for the main body of the tree is intact. You may also prefer to use a wooden body for a more natural look. Or you can place the cone directly on the floor without a body. It’s totally up to you.

You can prepare it in any size you want, not too small, 8.5 inches, and not bigger than 28 inches. Cone trees larger than 28 inches tall are easily overturned and become slightly dull. Very small tree designs are unstable due to the fabric on them.

Apart from the methods I have mentioned here, there is another idea for those who are very confident of their hand skill and have enough time. Instead of a tree to be designed using a pair of cardboard and fabric, you can also design a tree from a fancy-shaped cone tree, which I is shown below. It is also looks great.


In addition to the main body, remember to place objects such as stars, balls or hearts on top ends. Thanks to these objects your trees will look better.

Be sure to try to prepare for your own room what you like from the beautiful Christmas trees I share here.


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