How To Make Beautiful Hanmade Fleece Hats For Your Little Ladies


Before giving the models, if you ask specifically for the fleece hats, you will know that in these cold winter months, the thickness of the snow is 50 centimeters in many cases.

Girls have more different clothing alternatives than boys, but the place of handcrafted clothing is undoubtedly the most important. For girls, hand made knitted goods can be made in a wide range of clothes, from clothes, skirts, ponchos to booties, but especially hats and shawls are the most preferred knitted products in recent times.

The weather is changing at any moment. Sometimes it gets cold sometimes it is hot. So in short, there is a full air of sickness out there. Even if you do not want to send your girls out, your daughter will want to play snowballs or snowmen with snow. You cannot say not to go out, becasue they are waiting it for more than a year. So wear them with good clothes and let them enjoy the snow.



The best way to prevent them from the cold weather are the fleece hats. On the internet you can find different types of handmade hats, but not all of them are easy to do if you don’t have an experience on handmades.

The hat that we are sharing with you is as easy as your kid’s can do it themself. What you have to use is, a fleece cloth.

That’s all. It is a cheap way of preventing your kids from cold weather. It just needs some help of the sewing needle and the sewing thread. The upper parts of the hat are cut as thick and long parts.

You can make the upper part as pompons. There are some holes on the hat. You make a rope with that fleece cloth and bond them at the front part of the hat. That’s it. That’s how easy it is to do.


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