Beautiful Handmade Poncho Ideas You Want to Use in Cold Weather

You definitely remember that scene in Mexican movies. A man asleep on a chair in front of his house with his guitar in his hand. We can use to describe this person with the guitar, his hat and the punk on it. Wherever we see this scene, we think it’s a place in Mexico. I would like to talk about the poncho, which is the most important element for me that is related to design and which was designed in a very different way from handwork in the following years. Sombrero and the ponchos, which are very popular in Mexican culture, have been acclaimed and accepted in the whole world in the following years.

The ponchos we use to protect us from getting wet in rainy weather, are now also used for decoration purposes. Ponchos are generally considering as the garments, which are usually square-shaped, with a hole in the middle of the poncho and hang on shoulder, allowing the arms to move freely. Of course, these ponchos, designed by weaving, are not intended to protect from rain. However, thanks to these knitted ponchos we are protected from cold in cold weather. For this reason, from the autumn months all ladies are looking for ponchos that are beautifully designed and can reflect their own style.

Of course, here’s what I’m going to tell you about these poncho ideas. You can also prepare for yourself one of these photographs you like. Ready pattern guides are available for many modes.

Modal and design-wise ponchos are designed in accordance with the mode and are prepared by crochet work or mostly knitted with wool or yarn. These puzzles in different shapes and patterns can be used for all ages.

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Depending on the temperature of the air, crochet or thick mesh can be used. In mild cold weather, a light poncho may be preferred to avoid the effect of the wind. For this reason, a crochet-crafted poncho is a good choice. It is better to have air cooler and thicker knitted ponchos during the winter months. However, the knitted ponchos are very well protected from the effect of cold weather, but they can never be used in rainy weather. Its structure keeps all the rain as required and its weight increases. The poncho you use to protect from the cold, on the contrary, makes you more cold. If you notice this warning, you will enjoy using handmade braided ponchos other than rainy weather.

What I have seen in recent years among design patterns is that a hat is added to the poncho as to save from wind to the head. This idea seems like an unnecessary addition, but in windy weather it helps keep the ears, which have the most important role in the loss of body heat, warm. You do not always have to close your head. Practically, you can close your head when you need it and remove it when you are bored. I think the capped ponchos look better than others, because they break the mundane.