New Year’s Eve Activities For Your Kids And Their Developments


New Year is a day which brings excitements especially to our kids. With the coming of the snow, the children’s activities start from the early hours of the morning. Children go out and turn back to their houses after many hours. It’s a thing that children wait for a year to come. Even if the weather is cold, it is no matter to children.

There are different activities for children to do at home. Handmade activities are important gor children, because they develop their creativity and their skills. You should do some activities with your children if you want to give them many things while they are at the age of learning the world.

Even some painting or coloring activities will give different skills to your children. This activities that we show to you, are the easiest activities and they don’t cost too much for you.

In the internet there are different hanmade activities that you can do with your kids at home. But not all of them are helpfull for your children. Now let’s look on what are these activities.

The activitie that you see in the photo, is a snowmen activity. Let’s look on what you need as material to do this activity. What you need are; some white paper, shaving cream, white school glue, peppermint extract, and irridescent glitter.

Firstly, you have to popp the glues to the refrigator. Mix that glue with the shaving cream in a bowl. Sprinkle in them the irridescen glitter. Add some drops of peppermint extrant into them. Mix all of them. Then, start doing your painting.

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That’s all. You saw how easy it is. It is an enjoyfull activity to the adults too. Let’s make a snowman and decorate it as you want. If you want to see the other stuffs, continue following us.