A Great Hobby And Great Idea For Making Decorations By Polymer Clay – How To Transfer The Images To The Polymr Clay

There is no limit to what you can do with polymer clay, also known as Fimo clay. This material which is waiting for the moment when you will meet your hands is actually a game dough we know.

The only difference is that after baking, it can solidify and give life to solid objects. Even if you are not afraid to call it an oven, even the mini oven in your kitchen is enough to cook it after you have shaped the polymer coil. After you give it the shape you want, do you bake for 30 minutes at 130 degrees.

In this article I found a way on how to tranform pictures to the polymer clay. Let’s learn how to do it…

Firstly get some white polymer clay. Make two small balls. Then roll them with a rolling pin. Stuck one ball on the other ball and continue rolling them with rolling pin. You have top rint those images that you want to transfer to the polymer clay. On the top of the article you can see some pictures as an example. Cut the picture that you want. Then, rub it from it’s corners carefully. Rub the picture to the polymer clay. Be gentle while rubbing it.

Now, continue rolling it with the rolling pin. Sometimes the picture can come up so be careful while rolling it. You take a quicky cutter and put it on the picture. Press on it an cut the picture. Than take it of the axces. Push a headpin in it. It’s time to bake it. You have to read the insturctions of the clay because different types have different times of baking. Your clay picture is ready.

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