The creativity of the sea – How To Make Accessories From The Sea Stones And Other Sea Creatures


Spring comes and summer is coming soon. Magical holiday voyages to the places where the sea is located will begin. The waves of the sea are interesting and different shapes, colors and patterns of sea life will hit each other. Wandering the coast will start by pressing wet blanket with bare feet. The sea stones will be gathered on the sand, which are nice to see. If you want to make jewelery from these stones and shells, it is time for you to get acquainted with the idea of jewelry designs made from sea stones that I have compiled for you.

Simple adornments made with beads, such as sea shells, stones, mussel shells, sea minarets, marine stars will be decorated. It will decorate the end of a collie. In the ring earrings, a round sea stone will be designed, a marine star will be a wire toe ornament. Perhaps your ideas will be more ornamented with more furniture and accessories.

The example that you see in the photo is such an easy one of them. Without making holes on the stone you can make so different and fashionable necklaces. This one seems so traditional. What you have to do is, to find a stone that you like. Then, you have to clean it with a technic which is called ‘viking technic’. Then, you staple it with with a copper. Polish and waxe the stone. On one side the knitting is in the plane, from the other side to the “S”. Coper chain can be in any lenght. The one at the photo is 70 cm long. Stone 5,5 cm (with eye) x 2 cm x 1 cm. These lengths are dependet on the stone that you’re using. And your necklace is redy.

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