What Is Painter’s Tape Background Technique? How Can We Make Easy Pictures With Tape Technique?


Until these days, many people have searched different types of picturing and have found many ways of it. It is a beautifull idea for people who are looking for a good hobby. Making pictures has a huge history, but the Painter’s Tape Background Technique is a new technic, and I think that many of you didn’t even hear about it. Even a starter drawers can easily use this technique and make pictures as a Professional. That’s look to this technique..

This model that you see it is made without much spending, without any clutter and with just some materials. Firstly that’s look to the materials. Decide about the colors that you will use on your picture. Get some tape and cut pieces from it like strips. You have to layer these strips closer together. Think about your picture and deside which strip you will place on which part of your picture. You will use some ink so write the ink to your material list. That’s continue. You will put the link on the strips and the ink will me seen easily. You have to get a stemp, or a set of stemps. You can see the name of the stemp on the website but the stemp’s type is your choice.


Let’s look on how doing it. The Tape’s torn strip is put on the ink so the in pad sides down. Press a little the tape to the ink to get the color. For transfering the ink to the paper, take the strip from the ink and put it to the paper. Again press it a little to make the transformation. Gently take away the tape from the paper without breaking the color. You can use the tape again.



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