These Santa Claus Napkin Holders Are Wonderful and Easy to Make


The banquets given at New Year’s Day are great. But there is one more thing that is as important as preparing meals: the decor of your dining table.

I have referred to the table-top decor associated with this topic last days. One of the small details that needs to be prepared after the table cover is to prepare various ornaments from the napkins. The special ornaments made from the napkins are also a great deterrent.

If you have a red napkin, there are two basic napkin tricks you can prepare. The first one is the Santa Claus design which is most suitable for Christmas, and the other is artificial roses that you can always use even if it is a bit more difficult to prepare. Of course, you can also design different models, but as Christmas approaches, I will talk about how to make Santa Claus napkin holder.


In fact, the construction is very simple, just follow the instructions shown in the picture.

We keep the napkin in a 4-fold format like the original form in package. Then we twist inward from the two opposite corners and turn them upside down. We grab the face of Santa Claus, which we draw on a white paper, from the templates or on your own imagination and wrap it around the napkin, and we combine and paste the two parts in the back part. To make it more useful, make sure that the glue does not overflow. Otherwise, this napkin cannot be used when needed, because of the glue.

Do not forget to color Santa’s nose and mouth in red. It looks so cute in this way. In addition, you can also make Santa look like has a hat if you hold the napkin at the top and twist it one sideway.

Those who want to try a different design can also use the napkin by making rolls. At the same time, you can also design a holder for your cutlery, knives and spoons from cardboards instead of napkins. There are also ready-made templates for holders. It’s also easy to prepare and useful.

At this point you will have a nice surprise for your guests. If there are forks and knives for children, you can make them a cuter design. Make your children happy by preparing small packages for their forks and knives.

It is simple and fun to prepare these decors, is not it?

Another DIY idea you can use at Christmas is to make a pencil box with red papers around the toilet paper rolls that do not work, other than the ideas of Santa Claus prepared by Napkin. You can also use these pen boxes as a holder for the forks and spoons on the table. But, of course, be sure that they are clean enough for to use, otherwise this will not be a good idea while you are trying to prepare some nice decors for your guests.

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