A Perfect Gift Idea for Your Loved Ones at Christmas: Mint Fragrant Candle Making


There is an endless design option that can be prepared at the Christmas. Indeed, it is an incredible opportunity to prepare something for Christmas for those who love design. I added a new one to these design ideas: mint scented candles at home.

Once you learn to make these candles, your neighbors will have a perfect gift. Or you may give to your teachers or your co-workers. I thought for a long time that I should design something to give my friends as a Christmas present. Finally, this fragrant candle idea came to my mind.

The materials you need:

  • Tea Cup, small jar
  • Mint Oil
  • Natural Candle Raw Materials

Before preparation, the values ​​to be observed are: Use 1.5 cup candle raw materials to prepare half jar wax. If you want to use 2 cups, you can have two candles in the size of a jar and a tea cup.

Glue in the middle of the jar or in the middle of a tea cup. Take the soybean wax and melt it in the microwave in sufficient quantity. Instead of a microwave oven you can use a furnace that receives equal amounts of heat from the top and bottom. But remember to vent a little of the oven you use later.


After the wax is melted, carefully take it out of the oven and mix this melted mint oil. Mint has a dense scent of oil. Do not drip too much, since it will emit a sharp odor at the density you will not want to use more than 15 – 20 drops. Stir thoroughly after adding melted candle mint oil.

Wait until after the wax mold is solidify, it will harden until it gets hard. It will suffice to wait for a few hours to dry, but it is better to leave for drying during the night and be sure to dry thoroughly.

I have just described the idea of ​​a perfect Christmas present. Thanks to the wonderful scented candles, you can use different fragrances or natural fragrance oils for different odors instead of mint oil. Since the intensity of the essence will be different for each material, set your own according to your experience.

At the latest stage, you can decorate the outside of jars or tea glasses if you want to. Connecting a red ribbon will be meaningful for Christmas Day.

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