Sixteen Perfect Birthday Party Ideas for Girls While Sixteen

The 16th birthday party is a very important day especially for girls. For this reason, I would like to share 16 perfect birthdays idea​​ for your daughter or girlfriend who will celebrate her 16th birthday.

So, let’s start;

  1. Color Balloon Belts

How to make a balloon belt;

The most important items of birthday parties are balloons, for sure. It would not be appropriate to start the party without balloons. Do not forget to use balloons for the main decor by combining balloons in the color and size you want.

  1. Sixteen Swril Party Decorations

Do not forget to hang this set of 16 ornamental pieces from under the balloon belt in the package. Hang it on the ceiling, the door or the windows, and cheer the room, also.

  1. Quilted Petit Fours

Prepare this bright pastry, which the French know well, for your birthday. Add a shiny coating with a little food color and sparse pearl-shaped little sugar. This will be the most beautiful pastry of this birthday.

  1. Photo cabinet set in pink, black and gold yellow colors

You will need this cute kitten to prepare a special birthday party for girls who are 16 years old. Make sure that these kits are in the photo before sharing the captured selfies on social medias.

Perfect for friends and family celebrations, this kit is printed on sturdy paper and includes dowels and glues for quick mounting. This party set will add value to all your photos and make your photos memorable!

It has design in 20 different sizes. They can be adapted for all kinds of celebrations.

  1. Dispersed paper springs

These papers, which you will find on the internet with a simple template, are also very cost-effective.

The only risk is that they will be out of control for a month when you clean the house. But it is an important element that you really need for a great birthday party.

  1. Bright Silver Foil Birthday Balloon

HAPPY BIRTHDAY with these balloons with bright silver color will decorate the background and will be a good decor on birthdays.

Easy, stress-free, cute balloon party supplies. These balloons are quite photogenic and very eye-catching.

These balloons that are easily inflated at home do not need helium. Your decor will be very nice in the place. It is sold together with one-year guarantees in stores.

  1. Surprise Sentence Confetti

The most important item that will increase yeast is confetti. When candle is put out, detonate, detonate and detonate.

  1. Gold and Pink Color Pipettes

Do not forget the pipettes for drinks.

Gold and pink paper pipettes are not harmful to health and do not contain toxic substances. It is suitable for all kinds of drinks. You can choose what you want from the pink dot, the pink strip, the wavy patterns.

Since they are usually sold in packages of 100, a package pipet will see your business.

  1. Balloon Adhesives

With hot ironing, you can glitter bright balloon models on your clothes. It will require a bit of effort but it will make the clothes you wear on your birthday party more meaningful.

  1. I Can’t Keep Calm-sweet 16

This 100% cotton T-shirt has a meaningful message for birthday. If you want to give the message that you can’t stay in place unlike all the world-accepted calm mottos, get one of these shirts on your birthday.

  1. Butterfly Decorations on Cakes

This idea is not just for birthday ideas. However, if you want to add a nice decoration to your weddings on your birthday party, I think you can use these wonderful butterflies.

There are templates available on the internet for these cute butterflies that you can prepare using your own talent. Necessary materials; glossy paper, template, scissors and foil.

It has an appetizing effect, does not it?

The colors you can choose are bright gray, rosy red, purple, and colors that will not hurt your appetite.

I will also briefly explain how it is done;

Wrap foil on the paper when printing from the printer, and if your printer supports thick papers, print the paper directly from the printer onto the foil. It is more practical and easier to prepare in this way. In case of excessive creases, you can flatten by ironing.

  1. Paper Plates

You can order these plates from the internet. Those who want to make something handmade can also reveal something from old plates. You can draw colored shapes with marker pen and you can draw “Sweet 16” in the middle of the old records. Or you can print out this article from the printer and cut it into a smooth round shape and paste it in the center of the old records.

  1. Balloon Straws

It’s also a good idea to put small balloons on your birthday pipettes.

If you prefer straw papers instead of plastic pipettes, they can break. For this reason, do not forget to use sturdy pipettes.

You can effortlessly prepare and use it because it can be done in a simple way without the need for extra tools such as adhesive scissors.

  1. Sweet 16 Bracelets

It looks like a perfect gift for girls who are on their sixteenth birthday. If you want to buy these bracelets, they are sold at and the price is also very reasonable. It is not very suitable for handmade preparation, because metalworking is something I have not seen in handmade.

  1. Birthday Pastry

Birthday’s most special food is undoubtedly birthday cake. You will write on these pastries and you will have a special pastry with the letters. Lately, printing of pastry materials has started, and photos have been placed. Cake decorations, which are made up of three dimensional shapes that require more effort, are also a model where you can apply different ideas for your 16th birthday. The 3D 16 figure will look very stylish.

  1. Sweet 16 Queen Crown

Make a birthday present from the crowns to make the birthday girl feel special. This bright and ornate crown will provide you with the recognition of the queen or princess of the party.


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