Everybody Knows that the bathrooms are very narrow. Here Are Ideas About How Should You Design to Expand Them


One of the narrowest spaces in our homes is the bathrooms. There are a lot of design ideas to be able to evaluate these narrow spaces well in the bathrooms. I have always thought that the baths are too narrow, but after I visited my friend I decided to do research on this subject. My friend mentioned that her bathroom is not a comfortable area and she wants to be renovated her bathroom because it is too narrow. I and my friend have searched a lot of bathroom design ideas and finally decided to embed the bathtub. During this research I had some idea about the built-in bathtubs.

For this reason, I will also talk about the designs that will be both small and able to meet your needs thanks to the built-in bathtubs here.

Such a design, of course, should not be considered as a handmade design. But if you want to make such a change at home, you want to have an idea to describe the craft exactly how you need a design. You can also choose a bathtub design that fits your taste from the pictures I shared during the writing.

Functional and storage-friendly bathrooms should be our two main objectives here. I do not usually find space for my makeup materials, and I want my bath to be as functional as possible. Every design element in a small room must have an aim and must be functional enough for this purpose.


Apart from that, if you have a problem with longitudinal space, you can use shower cabs which are more likely to be placed in a square area.

I will continue to talk about the bathtubs in this article. I would also like to add brief but important notes to this process;

If you want to renew your bathroom mirrors, ask to be in bigger sizes. The bigger mirrors help to look better and make bath’s look bigger than they are. At this point you can at least get rid of the feeling of stiffness psychologically.

If there is a door in front of the bathtub, the glass door of the bath will prevent the narrow view of the area. It is also true that some of my friends are completely away from the idea of ​​glass. Obviously, I am never against the idea of ​​using glass doors.

Ask the cube not to be placed in a straight rectangular area, but to be angled appropriately for the area. In this way you can get a feeling of spaciousness thanks to a curving decoration by getting rid of the boring geometric design.

While white is very common, try to use more vibrant colors. Different colors will distort the boring image a bit. Or add color to the bath with a touch of a white color. You can try these colors on a towel holder or on a rack. Blue and tones has remembered us water, open air and sea, so they will increase the sense of spaciousness.

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