A DIY Idea That’s Easy to Make and to Give Girls a Lot of Love: Magical Fairy Wings



There is a design idea that will appeal to girls. Here you will learn how to make a fairy wing for girls to your home by means of this method. Generally, when presenting my DIY ideas, I prefer designs that anyone can easily make. You will easily become a great fairy winger with the information.

Necessary materials:

  • Felt
  • A piece of fabric
  • Satin
  • Adhesive
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Felt-tip pen
  • Thin Wire
  • And finally, beads to be used for decoration

You can get inspiration from the fairy wings you see in the pictures.

It’s fun to prepare. You can do it easily by reading the instructions.

First, twist thin wire in fine-woven, wing-like form. You can use templates for this if necessary. Then stretch the satin fabric onto this wire and stick it in a single layer from the edges. Instead of glue, you can also try sewing with a rope if the satin fabric is strong. Then make sure the fabric is tight. You can also provide these fabrics with stretchy feelings by rubbing the materials used to harden the jacket collars. If you have these materials in hand, try it. If you have applied glue, wait for a while to dry and then start to wring elegant veins over the wing with a felt pen. Do not draw too many or too few lines when drawing these veins. You may have an idea by examining the examples to make them look as natural as possible.

Some of my friends have also designed fairy wings in large sizes to wear on their girls’ backs. Children love these new toys. If you want to make a larger fairy wing, you should use fuller materials. For example, it is important that the material is made from thicker and durable material. You can also use your old socks for the fabric. Such fabrics can be preferred because they are both flexible and a material that you can easily find at home. Marked pencil may be insufficient for vessel drawing. You can use a thicker pen. Also, do not forget to glue glittering ornaments.

There is something that needs attention. Make sure the ends of the wires are not exposed. Especially in large wing designs, the tips of the wires can be dangerous for children.

I have already prepared one for my friend’s daughter. I will give her a wonderful gift on her birthday.

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