Interesting Light Jars That You Can Use in Your Home and In Your Garden

Today, I want to talk about making a light jar that looks like a difficult DIY idea but don’t worry they are easy to prepare. I’ve made it from these jars many times. What I have discovered lately is that the paint used is important for the life of these lighted jars. Because of poor quality spray paintings, peeling appeared within a few days and all my efforts were wasted.

Making the jar lights you see in the picture is simpler than it looks as is. All you need is the material; jar (of course will be transparent glass) and void. If you want to use spray paint, you also need some spray paint. I want to add one more thing; there must be small lights for lighting, without forgetting.

First, as the yarn is shown in the picture, wrap the jars and wrap them around the yarns. Then remove the newspapers you used for wrapping and turn the jars over. Spray the spray paint in sufficient quantity and wait for the paint to dry on the jar for a while. You can use a lot of newspaper paper to prevent the spray paint from scattering during spraying. Obviously, I am a little uninformed and unintentionally cause some places to be painted. Place the lights in the jars. Carefully place the lamps in the jars without damaging the jars and lamps. The lamps you use must be lamps powered by their own batteries, or you may find unwanted situations when cables hang around and the problems such as electricity leak are not pleasant. Be careful about the fire hazard.

Your ornaments are ready now. As you can see in the picture, you can lay it on the steps of the stairs, or you can place it in the corners in your room. If you want to use it in the garden, use some more durable materials. You can decorate as you like on this way.

You can prepare the jars in different sizes, it depends entirely on your taste.

I want to warn you: If you have small children in the house, be sure to put these lighted ornaments from the jar in places where they can’t reach them. Another thing to note is that the lamps do not overheat during prolonged use. Try to use low-power lamps because these lighted jars can be used for decor purposes.

I enjoyed making these lighted jars, I hope you are too.

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