How To Make Handmade Decorative Paper Flowers


Handmade hobies have many good sides that affect people. Firstly, it makes you feel good because you are creating something new. Your brain Works better, because you use it to create new things. Regular hoby activities improve motor skills, increase creativity, and even raise self-confidence and self-esteem. Although many people are not aware, the brain provides the technical skills necessary to perform the greatest utility activities.

There are many good sides like this that many people don’t know. According to a survey of 3,545 people knitted by Betsan Corkhill, handmade activities and intelligence games help the brain development and good emotional well-being. At the same time they become more patient as they struggle with the project they want to strive to achieve an aim.

It takes a lot of work to get to the end and the confidence increases to overcome the obstacles.So, when you make paper flowers, you don’t earn just a new object or ornament, you earn many things that now you don’t even know. You can start with an easy activity.

I saw this activity in some websites and wanted tos hare it with you, because it is an easy activity and it doesn’t cost too much for you. At the end of this activity, you will have beautiful flowers that you don’t have to water. Let’s see how can you do this flowers and what you need as material. They are such easy that you can open your television and make your flowers by watching your favourite serial.

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Firstly I want to tell you what you need as material for these papers. Get some flower puncher. It’s shape depends on your creativity but in websites they suggest to use 2 inches in diameter. Secondly, get some scrap papers on which color you want. You can buy papers with different colors so you can make a flower bouquet with colorful flowers. Get something sharp, because you will have to make a hole on the middle of the paper. You can use some small knifes. At last, get some small metal brads. What you have to get is like this. Let’s continue on how to do your flower…

  • Put 5 flowers on top of each other.
  • Then, make a hole on the middle of the stack of flowers.
  • On the third step, add your Brad and fasten them.
  • Start breaking each layer until you are satisfied with your flower.
  • Wrap a flower to a stick, you can use a straight coffee shuffle bar ( it works and anyone do not need to know what it really is).
  • Tape on flag labels by using the washi tape.
  • Write your guest name on it.

And that’s it. You have done a beautiful flower. Did you see, it’s as easy as a peace of cake. Just in some minutes, you can make many flowers without spending any energy. My favourite paper flower is the pink colored one. Your flower color depends on your creativity. Have a good day.