How To Make Homemade Fashionable Jewelries – Make Your Own Style With Wire Wrap Rings

Making These Wire Wrap Rings is such an easy process that takes just ten minutes from you. Not just the time, but the difficulty of it is as easy as buying reay rings. So, let’s look on how doing these rings. I learned it from a video, you can find my source from the internet.

Many of you have some jewelry that you don’t use. You can break them and use their stones to maket he rings. What you need for doing the rings is; 0.8 mm thick wire. Don’t use some wire thicker, because when you put it on your finger it will squish out of its shape. Then, you need a ring mandrel. You need different lengths of cutters, a pencil, and a ring sizer.

Firstly, take the ring sizer and look on which hole your finger fits. Always count as 2 size bigger than your finer, because the wire will make some circles on your finger. You can make it smaller, but you cannot make it bigger. Start tracing your stone or the bead to the wire. Drop it to the middle of the wire. Take the mandrel, find your size, and put the bead on that size. Then make some circles with the wire around the mandrel. Pick your bead with your thumb. Your have to do four circles around the mandrel. Bring the sides of the wire next to the bead and circle the bead with these sides. You are forming a nest aroung the bead. When 10 cm of wires are left, pull the side around the background part of the ring until it ends. Your ring will be ready. Do this again by watching the videos, you will see clearyl how to do it. You’ll have both traditional an fashionable rings.


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