Making New Year Decorations, Christmas Countdown Calendar For Whole Family

December 31 is actually a day like every day. In the evening the sun sets and the next day is born again on January 1st. But this newborn sun is a feature of the new coming morning. January 1 is the first day of the year. Our world, which has completed a full circle around the sun, has found itself at the point where it started again. At the end of the 365 days, the old year was replaced with the new year, and the new year took place on the calendars. Here is a good opportunity for new beginnings.

On the evening of December 31, at 12 o’clock, when the new year says hello, hope lights appear in people’s eyes. We take the time to celebrate and remember each other, to enjoy the gifts, the beautiful tableware and the fun. The mistakes of the old year are left on the edge and it is hoped that they will not happen in the new year. To me, just because these feelings are alive, they deserve to be loved because of their promise, bright new year’s nights.

New year, to the people means a new hope, days with full of fun and being together. What I love the most about the New Year is Being together with your family and having fun by sharing your love.

That’s why I prefer to make something handmade that can enjoy all the members of the family. This activity that I share with you, will bring your family a new excitement and colect your together in a place. It’s called Christmas Countdown Calendar. It is an handmade game. You can make it yourself or if you want to hang out together with your family you can do it together. It’s such an easy handmade. You make a fabric piece which can be in red color.

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Then you make a piece to the cloth to hang it to the door. You make different designed pockets to the cloth. Every pocket symbols a day of the month. The numbers of the days are mixed. You play the game with your family. You have to find the right number.

It’s a funny game while finding them. Put some sweets in the pockets, so when the member finds the right number, you give a present to them. That’s such an easy and enjoyable game. When you are making some plans for the New Year’s eve, make plans that connect the members of the family. An eve that is spend lonely, it doesn’t feel like it’s an eve. So collect your family, your grandparents and the youngest members of your family.

From now, I wish you a very happy New Year. Don’t forger to make a wish. And a clues from me to you, don’t forget to wear something red. Red color brings luck to people. Wish you a year with full of luck. Don’t forget to wait Santa Claus, maybe one day he’ll come to your home.