How To Make Your Own Design And Fashionable Dress


Many times we love shopping for ourselfs and the ones we love. Sometimes we need to do shopping, but we don’t have that cash to do that shopping. Not everything is bought with money. You can make your own clothes by changing something on your old clothes or making a very new dress that nobody has designed.

The dresses often are very expensive outside. So, why don’t you save money for something else and buy just some cloth for making your own design for your own body. Maybe, it will come a day that you will design your every dress and stop from buying outside. Sometimes you cannot find that dress that you dream, but that dreamed dress you can make yourself.

Making something by your hands also gives you good energy. At the first time maybe you will not make that dress that you wanted. Nobody can make the perfect work for the first time. So don’t worry, and continue doing. There are many ideas of making some designes on the internet. If you have many clothes that you don’t use, make some new designes with them, so you don’t have to buy some new cloths, and you earn some new dresses without pay anything.

I found an example for you to inpire you. It is just an examlpe that you can find in internet. There are hunres of them. But, while making your clothes, I prefer you to make your own design and wear something that nobody was wearing. Creating your own design also gives you a chance to develop your creativity. It is also a joyful activity.

Here you can see an example of a tunic dress design. As you see, it is an easy design made of two parts. You can make a top or a full dress from it. Fiirstly, you have to decide what do you want to do, then buy the cloth to it. The example is given for a top of a woman with average weight.

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You can buy it bigger or smaller acording to your weight and height. The best colors fort his design are grey or green. But, according to your skin color or hair color you can buy another colored cloth or a cloth with patterns. It is a summer dress but you can make it as an autumn dress. Don’t forget to look for the other dress designs.