How To Decorate Your Gardens In Christmas With Tanya Memme


It is very enjoyable to decorate the Christmas tree. But then we have to find a place to pick up the ornaments one by one, take the powder, and hide it until the next year. Everyone asks for decorations, the job of the mom of house is to lift it … If you say that you want to decorate your house and get rid of the Christmas tree persecution, create creative Christmas corner instead of tree. And with all your own effort, without buying anything extra, by hand … Let’s see where your imagination will take you.

Decorate or being decorated, both are giving happiness. As you know,for the first human, decoratin their houses  was an activity they did except eating, drinking and making love. The second is to be decorated. The homo genus, which is still living in the caves, is decorated for the first time in the last subdivision of the stone age, ie the Upper Palaeolithic period. There’s a history of 50,000 to 10,000 years. No speech, no writing. There are justdecorations. Probably both are religious.

Now, we are explaining on how to make a decoration with tanya meme. What you need for this decoration are; a large plastic ball, deli container, wire hanger, glue, spray paint, pliers, knife and garden hooks.

Firstly, make hole on the each side of the container. Then, insert the wire inside and make a loop outside. With the painter, spray the container. Glue the container onto ball. You have to let it dry for around 24 hours.

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You see, it’s an easy work to make your garden great for the Christmas. It doesn’t cost too much to you. You don’t have to buy these expensive stuff in shopping malls. Continue following us to see more ideas for decorating your home on New Year’s Eve.