While Winter Is Approaching, You Can Enjoy the Wonderful Winter Clothes with Chevron Single Crochet

Chevron Single Crochet is an easy crochet work. It is also an easy job for those who want to learn at the same time. If you learn how to make a Chevron Single Crochet, you can easily create different and fabulous braids on this board.

In this article, I will give you instructions on how to prepare a Chevron Single Crochet. In these times of the cold winter months, learning such a handicraft will be really helpful.

The first thing to decide is the selection of rope. This time, I decide to use the Michaels Impeccable Yarn brand, Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice would be a good choice. “Vanna’s Choice” is a good acrylic thread for blankets work. I chose this brand for my children to keep them warm in knitted fabrics. You can still choose a yarn pattern that will benefit you by taking advantage of your own experience.

If you’re ready, let’s start;

First, I would like to give you a blanket recipe with 17 lines. This is the ideal length for the start. If you want to prepare longer, you can go on a knight. This measure is usually suitable for children.

Chevron Single Crochet is a great companion for beginners and creates a common texture.

What we need to use as material; Any yarn (the brands mentioned above or similar would be good) and hook-tipped crochet for crochet.

You can easily follow the parts that I will describe here. However, you can continue to work according to your own taste.

When weaving, skip one for every seven weaves and make a reversal. After the first line is over, return to the second line and skip the first one and continue from the second.

It is much easier to follow these pictures than to describe them in words. Even if you cannot follow my directions, you can find the right way by following the pictures.


You can choose from wavy or smooth models to suit your taste. For the beautiful designs you see in the pictures, it is enough to know the Chevron Single Crochet style braid described here.

I would like to add here a few important reminders you need to keep in mind while knitting;

  • Pay attention to the crochet size that you need. While H or L may be a good choice, you may need to choose N in cases where bulk yarn is required.
  • If you do not have basic knowledge about knitting, learn basic knitting movements such as chain stitch, single crochet and non-slip knot.
  • Basic color information is as important as basic knitting information. There are special web pages on the net where you can search just for color matching. When used together, determine which colors will be compatible and make your yarn preference after this step.
  • You do not have to pay for the spinning machine to wrap the yarn, instead you can use an empty toilet paper roll.
  • You can place your towers in a plastic bucket. 5 or 6 threads will fit in a random bucket. Then drill holes in the cover for each thread and thread the threads through. You can block the confusion on this.


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