Cup Holder and Some Other Fun Games with Wooden Drilling

I got bored with the designs I made for the house rooms, so I started looking at what I could do in the garden. First of all, I noticed that I had forgotten the place I was constantly putting in my attention, the fruit juice in the garden. I also had a much better idea when I searched the coffee table designs for these glasses. Cup holders.

There were many different ideas about cup holders. If you are interested in a bit of carpentry, you can make a cup holder with a very difficult drilling process. However, I decided to get support from my husband for this. Before going into practice, I had the idea of ​​holding many different glasses. In this article, I want to talk about what these ideas are. Maybe later I will also talk about how I prepare my own glasses, but he will remain another article.

I thought that the holes for cup holders might not be suitable for all kinds of cups, but the retaining soft fabrics were fixed around these holes. You can adjust the size of the holes in this view and you get a hole to hold the glass firmly in the desired size.

If drilling is a hard idea, you can also see your work by fixing plastic holders. Or even if they are a little less durable, you can take advantage of the foam used in packaging and you do not have to bother to pierce them.

Note that if you put the support from the right and left side of the hole under the hole you are drilling, you can make it last longer. If you have drilled a hole to hold it and are wondering about the different ideas, I would like to touch on some different ideas about wood drilling. I have to say that I have come across these designs in the form of a small golf course in the garden game editors. In fact, they have done a great job in this regard. One of them has made a mini golf course that can be played even at night and he has made so many unusual lights on its side that I think that my first job will be to prepare a mini golf course.

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If you do not like the idea of ​​a mini golf course, you can also design your own games using the ready holes of PVCs. For example, the playing field in this picture looks quite interesting;

This idea is also the following design that I can suggest for those who dislike or want to play a more mobile game. It’s like a game that requires a bit more effort, is not it?

All the fun designs I could find about drilling holes in my wood were much more, but here I wanted to share some examples that I think you might be interested in.

Now when spring comes, you have a lot of work to do in your garden.