Meet the ‘Glass Nails’, the nail trend with holographic mirrors full of style

In the world of manicure, more and more designs and techniques are appearing, there are even some quite unreal designs, such as those with 3D applications or those that make small representations of works of art. This time, brought directly from Korea, come the glass nails.

Glass nails are becoming the favorite trend this year. The technique uses small pieces of cellophane to create texture and shine on the nails. The result is a 3D effect that looks like the surface of a diamond. The idea was developed in Seoul by artist Park Eunkyung and this is what they look like.

Park Eunkyung is a South Korean nail artist and the creator of the captivating glass nails trend. Her innovative technique has taken the world of manicure by storm, and her designs have gained immense popularity, especially in South Korea and beyond.

Glass nails, as pioneered by Park Eunkyung, are known for their dazzling and intricate 3D appearance. These nails are created by layering small pieces of cellophane in various shapes and colors to mimic the look of stained glass or a shimmering gemstone. The result is a mesmerizing and unique nail design that catches the light and creates a stunning visual effect.

Park Eunkyung has helped redefine the boundaries of nail art and continues to inspire both nail artists and enthusiasts worldwide. Her work showcases the incredible creativity and artistry that can be achieved in the world of manicure.

Meet Park Eunkyung, the artist who created diamond nails

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