7 Tips for Ocean & Chlorine-Proofing Your Manicure (Nail Design Ideas)

Bright seasonal manicures are one of the best parts of summer. Unfortunately, your perfect summer manicure can quickly become a mess as soon as it is exposed to chlorine or saltwater as you jump into the ocean or the pool. If you want to rock summer nails on vacation without worrying about ruining them in the water, keep reading to discover seven easy tips for ocean and chlorine-proofing your manicure to prevent nail polish chips and discoloration while you swim.

Enjoying the beach or a pool day with a fresh manicure is fantastic, but it can be challenging to keep your nails looking their best in chlorinated water and saltwater. Here are some tips to help protect your manicure and keep it looking great:

  1. Apply a Topcoat: Before hitting the water, apply a high-quality topcoat to seal and protect your nail polish. A good topcoat can create a barrier that helps prevent water and chemicals from damaging your manicure.
  2. Use Nail Oil: Applying nail oil or cuticle oil regularly can help keep your nails and cuticles hydrated. Well-moisturized nails are less likely to absorb chlorinated water, which can cause polish to lift.
  3. Reinforce with Clear Polish: Consider adding an extra layer of clear polish to your nails before swimming. This provides additional protection and can be easily reapplied as needed.
  4. Wear Gloves: If you plan to spend extended time in the pool, consider wearing waterproof gloves. This can help protect your nails and prevent exposure to harsh pool chemicals.
  5. Quick-Dry Drops: Use quick-dry nail drops or spray before swimming. These products help your nails dry faster and create a harder, more protective surface.
  6. Chlorine-Resistant Polish: Look for nail polishes that are advertised as chlorine-resistant. While no polish is entirely immune to chlorine, these may offer better protection.
  7. Avoid Abrasive Activities: If possible, avoid activities that could be harsh on your nails, such as playing volleyball or using a rough pool ladder. Such activities can cause your polish to chip more easily.
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As for nail design ideas, when enjoying the beach or pool, it’s often a good idea to go for a simple, solid color manicure, as it’s less likely to show wear and tear than intricate nail art. This way, you can focus on enjoying the water without worrying too much about your nails. However, if you still want a fun and vibrant look, consider nail stickers or temporary nail wraps. They can add a pop of design to your nails without the risk of smudging or chipping.

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