Make Your Own Furniture By Connecting It To The Other Furniture


We can not always find the right furnitures for us in furnishures. We want to decorate our house according to our own taste, but the product we are looking for in furniture does not come out at all. The best thing we do in these situations is to create our own goods. Here in this post, you will do your own work yourself. Of course not all of you. The bottom part of this bookshelf you see is sold in ıkea. You will do the library at the top. Let ‘s see how it’ s done.

Firstly, make a 1 × 3 small base to hold it in the first place. Then build a small 1 x 12 rack to fill the gap between them after you will build the baskets. Mess up everything and fix the whole unit to the wall. Then make a new top on the floor of painted 1 × 3 pine panels. Then  put the upper unit out of 1 × 10 and delete it with 1 × 2 and 1 × 3. After that, dress with a small bead board and add new hardware to the breasts to take good precautions. After all of them and a few layers of paint, there is a nice new built-in library that is functional and takes up little space in a small 10 × 12 room.

This was just an idea on how to make your own bookcase. The color or the shape can be different according to your taste. You may want to have all the furniture as a Bookshelf, so you can take of the drawers. All of the ideas that you think you can maket hem by your own. You, don’t need to pay a lot money to have a good furniture.

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