This Kitchen And Bathroom Renovation Will Inspire Your Decoration Ideas


This house, was decorated in 1910 by a couple who have bought their first house. Their house was modern due to that time’s decorations. But, nowadays its decoration is passed years ago. A couple, like them, bought this house and renovated it with today’s technology. This house renovation is a good inspiration for the ones who have decided to buy an old house.

When they started to maket he renovation, they saw that they had to pay too much money for it, but they did not have too much money. They decided to start with the bathroom renovation. It was their first renovation and they didn’t know from where to start. While searching the internet, they read the Sweeten and send them the photos of the house and the money that they have.

They could find contractors who can work with such money for that house. They found them and the couple decided to give the Project to Sweeten. The contractors of Sweeten have worked for many old houses, and this experience has given less fear to the couple. They had done many constructions with IKEA stuffs and they would work in this house with IKEA too.

This old house with Sweeten constructors has become a modern house of the time. You an see from the photos how old was the house. Also, the couple’s purchase was so small. Maybe they could not renovate their house with their money, they could renovate just their bathroom.

It looks a good inspiration for the couples who love old houses. I also love old houses but I didn’t know that we can make many renovations with less money. Just use your ideas and send your photos to that website. This house should be a good inspiration for you. May you all have that houses you love the most.

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