How To Make Dİfferent Handmade Christmas Ornaments For Your Home

A new year is coming in a month. However there is one month till the new year, the shopping centers, the roads and the houses are decorated for waiting the new year. With the new year, a new page, new hopes are coming. New year is something that makes our hearts warmer. Planing, decorating and making some organisations fort hat night gives people good energies. Let’s leave this old year in different ways. Why don’t we decorate or home like the houses in the Christmas movies? Why don’t we make real our New Year’s dreams? There are different options for us to make our New Year colorful; tree ornaments, table ornaments and the others. Give a red colorto your house. Re color gives new hopes in New Year.

In this article, we found how to make hama hanmade decorations. You can find hama beads everywhere, you can buy them from the internet. They are made ready for making Christmas decorations. The first option for the Christmas decorations is Santa Claus. If you think that Santa Claus will not come to your home this year, make it yourself and bring it to your home. Maybe Santa Claus will bring you many new chances to your home. Secondly you can make some snowmen, or some Christmas trees. There are different designs, it’s your choice. Now I want to describe you how you can maket this hama beads. It’s so easy to make them, it takes a little time from you. You can maket hem together with your kids. It’s an enjoyable gamet o play together. Let’s learn how to do hama beads.

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By inserting these beads, which have tablets in different sizes and shapes, in small bobbins on the table, you can create color and pattern templates of your choice. In order to create these templates you can find shapes on many internet sites, you can easily do what you want. Once you’ve got these beads on, you need a piece of oven-baking paper and an iron to stick them together. Put greasy paper on top of the beads on the tab and keep the top of the paper for at least the heat setting; the beads will already melt and stick together. Once the beads are sticky, you can remove them from the tray.

You can make any shape with hama beads. You can do anything from the shapes you create: cup base, earrings, buckles, decorative objects, bookmarks, necklaces … Just make your favorite shapes with the colors you like and want. You can find these hama beads on the internet and IKEA stores. The tables are sold separately and there are many shapes. Hama beads, which are also quite suitable for the price, appeal to many ages from children to adults. You also have the possibility to take each color separately for the hemp beads. You can also use it as a jewelry by attaching earrings or necklace metals to shapes you create, you can also attach a metal buckle.