How To Draw A Realistic Rose

Since you were a child, you have drawn small pictures, you did some games with small draft papers, and now you are lookin on what you need to do to draw professional pictures! We must congratulate you. Because you prefer one of the most beautiful branches of art. And if you’ve already had experience drawing, you’ve definitely seen and experienced how drawing psychological relaxes people.

Drawing is an ability that comes from the birth. It’s something that makes the drawer’s life colorful. When you start drawing, a new door is open on your life. You can draw everything that you want, every place that you want to go, every season that you want to be in. You can draw a flower that can never die. Your flower will not die even in winter. I want to show you how to draw a rose. Rose is a flower that everybody loves. It’s te symbol of love. So let’s learn how to draw the symbol of love.

Firstly there are some clues on how to draw a Picture, let’s see them…

We convey your thoughts by assuming that you are a picture lover and that you have at least the ability to draw in a certain level. Someone who has just started painting has to test his / her ability in this subject and think about continuing to add on a skill. Unfortunately, the skill is not a later acquired feature. If you do not have this ability, you can think of it as a hobby, or you can take advantage of the psychological relaxing effect of drawing.

The first prerequisite for drawing a beautiful picture is: patience and discipline. You must be patient because you should not expect your first artistic work to be perfect. The picture you have drawn may not have satisfied you, but no success or reward is a coincidence. Therefore, you will have to make new drawings, compare the old pictures with the last pictures, and keep in mind the mistakes and the lessons you need to take from these mistakes.

In your free time, do not forget to use the Internet, one of today’s great blessings. You can find a lot of examples about drawing pictures for beginners on the internet or a lot of charcoal work that will inspire you. In fact, it is absolutely useful for you to develop some of these works by copying some of them from your printer and passing them over. Every artist has done a copy job in the past.

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If you are just starting out in painting, you should not create portrait painting or human painting if possible in order not to break your ambition. Drawing more like nature, fruits will be more beneficial for your hand muscles to develop and for you to learn to hold the right pencil and correct scribble. Because the people who finally draw the picture do not just draw for themselves and intend to share this work with others.

If possible, the environment in which you will draw the pictureshould be your own workspace. Your obsession to keep your home or your place clean or dirty will keep you away from the picture you need to do or focus on. It is also a very important issue that parents should support and encourage children who are curious about painting.

Let’s start on drawing a rose. Start with drawing a circle. Draw a shape of rose head on your circle. After that, draw the handle with a roughly fine pencil line. Let’s work on rose petals. My best advice is to start crowning the leaves under the bud and work all the way to the center of rose.

It’s time to add the body and a few petioles. Note how I keep the lines smooth, but draw sharp transitions in the direction of growth. Rose roots also grow as the roses get farther away.

When you draw roses, remember that it has leaves with serrated edges, on the contrary, they are similar to other flowering plants.

Now, draw the midribs and the rise the thorns, and you just have learned how to create quick and easy rose pencil drawings.