You Will Be Surprised By These Decoration Ideas With Dry Branches

We add living or non-living plants to our homes and decorate our homes with natural environment air. Do not you think you should use dry tree branches in the right setting?

For example, candle holders, which are very simple to make, will give a different atmosphere to your home. Cut a thin tree branch, lengthwise shorter than the length of the glass cup or glass jar, and glue it into the cups and place a candle in them. Change the air of the atmosphere in a dim light that is filtered through the tree branches. Apart from that, you can get different effects in your invited tables with the artificial flowers you have mounted and the trees that give you a miniature tree view. Mount the vane hooks, hang down rope-like ropes from these hooks, You can have very decorative hangers at the entrance of your house. You can find many examples like these on the source page.


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