Using your own buttons and threads for interior designing

You can have numerous ideas in your head for design the interior of your house, or of your room. If your budget is not that high, and you want to design the interior of your house within a small budget, there are multiple options, which you can go for. After you design them, you will have to hang them at various places, and they will definitely add beauty to your room.

For the purpose of making your house look beautiful, you will not have to purchase a number of items. You will have to get only a few items, which will be enough for you.

You have to get some buttons, which should have holes within them. You will have to insert metal wires through those buttons, and you are almost ready to go. You will have to use various colors for the buttons, and the most suitable colors are blue or violet along with white, and if you are going for pink color, you should use black buttons along with pink buttons.

Thus, you are actually having a number of options to choose the color. After that, you will have to attach a piece of thread with the metal wires, in order to hang them.

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