Triangle Patch Design Using Nine Different Fabrics

Patches are the most helpful stuffs that help us when we want to continue using our best but broken clothes. Nowadays, patches are made for all kind of clothes, even these patches are stitched on the clothes cat and sold. Nowadays people are getting sweaters, especially patchwork, and patch patterns are becoming very popular nowadays. Of course, this does not mean that every patch will fit every cloth. Especially for women, it can be very difficult to find the patch pattern towards correct sweater. But, when you find them, these patches will be very elegant on you.

Like everything else, clothing may become tired. It is not as old as it should be, but it can be dressed for a while with minor modifications. It is imperative that the ladies learn how to sew clothes, as well as how important sewing is. Do you want to be the desiger of your own? Make your own patches for your and your family’s clothes.

When we think about patches, it doesn’t mean that you should use just one pattern. Some different patterns can be used fort he same sweater. Their designs also can be different. The patchwork that we have chosen, is one of them. As you see, there are different patterns at the same time. The designer has cut them as triangles. But, as you see, the patterns are not so different from each other.

These paterns are used also for the lace pillows. It can make your living room more colorful and modern. If you don’t know how to start to make a patchwork, there are different videos on the internet that you can be inspired. By these patches you can be the designer of you own home. And nobody will have the same designs as you.

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