Top 38 Amazing Winter Nail Design Ideas 2022 (Simple & Extravagant )

Winter is here, which means that you have to switch up your manicure! Are you looking for something cool-toned or monotone? If so, winter nail designs will intrigue you. Here, we are going to talk about some popular solutions and nails that will suit every woman, despite her nail length or personal preference. We have covered it all!

1. What Are Winter Nails?

Winter nails are usually in tune with current trends. They are also inspired by the winter season and winter colors. Usually, winter nails will look the best on top of your short or long nails, based on your preference. For a lot of women, these are icy blue, blue, silver, grey, or white nails. However, you can stick to anything that works with your style and preference.

2. Who Can Go For A Winter Manicure?

Women of all ages can go for this style and concept. If you’re into elegant manicures and trendy ideas you’re going to like this concept. It doesn’t matter what your age or nail length is, we have it all for you in this article.

3. How Much Are Winter Nails?

Your new winter-inspo manicure doesn’t have to be too pricey. Usually, shorter nails and polish manicures will go for $40. If you end up getting longer nails or acrylics expect to pay around $70 for these nails. The final price and outcome will depend a lot on your nail artist and their level of experience.

4. How To Do Winter Nails?

You can easily do this manicure on your own, just make sure that you have the right level of experience and the right set of tools. Here is how to do it on your own:

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Step 1: Start with a clear base and buff out your natural nails.

Step 2: prime them with a base coat and use a polish that will smooth your nail plate.

Step 3: add two coats of your favorite nail polish color.

Step 4: make sure that it dries down for 5-10 minutes.

Step 5: set the manicure with your favorite top coat.