Reconstructed fashion that will look amazing

There are various ways by which you can look really very good and amazing. Some people keep buying new clothes in order to look really good and amazing. The people can look good if they buy new clothes. They can get that trendy look. Many people can’t afford to shop every month.

The people can use their old clothes and use them or wear them in a manner that the clothes will look trendy. They can also stitch their clothes in a manner that the clothes will look good.

The people can also try various other stuffs. They can wear a shirt and then over that shirt they can easily wear a sweater of their own choice. This can help them to recreate the magic. They can also sew the old clothes in a manner that they look really very trendy and good.

You can mix and match the clothes in a way that they really look very good and beautiful. The clothes particles can be cut in such an order that the clothes can look very good and trendy. Without wasting a lot of money you can easily make your own new wardrobe that will be amazing and trendy as well.

Gr. 34 – Gr. 36 – 1,30 m

Gr. 38 – Gr. 42 – 1,50 m

Gr. 44 – Gr. 48 – 1,70 m

Gr. 50 – Gr. 54 – 1,80 m

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