Rainbow Nails: 30+ Attractive Concepts To Encourage Your Design

Rainbow nails, with their explosion of colors, can light up any outfit and mood. They’re a perfect canvas for creativity and personal expression. If you’re looking to try out this trend with a softer palette, pastel rainbow nails are the way to go. The subdued hues offer a whimsical yet sophisticated take on the classic rainbow, making them suitable for all occasions and seasons. Here are some pastel rainbow nail art ideas you can create yourself or request at your salon:

Pastel Gradient

A seamless gradient across your fingers can look like a dream. Start with pink on your thumb and let each nail transition into a different pastel shade, culminating in a lovely lilac on your pinky.

Chevron Stripes

Incorporate chevron patterns with pastel hues for a geometric and playful design. You can use striping tape to achieve crisp lines, alternating the direction of the chevron for added interest.

Cloudy Skies

Paint a sky blue base and add fluffy clouds using a sponge and white polish. For a rainbow effect, include tiny dashes of pastel colors on the edge of each cloud.

Sparkling Rainbows

Mix in a bit of sparkle by applying a glitter top coat over your pastel base, or create a specific glittery rainbow pattern on one or two accent nails.


Combine two trends in one by painting half of each nail with a different pastel color. The result is a modern, eye-catching look that doubles the fun.

Pastel Polka Dots

Dots are an easy DIY nail art option. Use a dotting tool or the head of a pin to apply small dots in a rainbow of pastel colors over a white or nude base.

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Watercolor Wonders

The watercolor technique, involving a bit of nail polish thinner or water, can give your nails a beautiful, soft wash of intermingling colors, mimicking the delicate nature of pastel watercolor paintings.

Blooming Rainbows

Floral designs using pastel tones can add a feminine and romantic touch to your rainbow nails. Tiny flowers in a row, each a different pastel color, can make for a lovely rainbow garden on your tips.

French Twist

Instead of the typical white tips, paint each nail tip with a different pastel color. This updated French manicure is subtle and suitable for even the most formal of environments.

Pastel Rainbow Tips

Go for a twist on the French manicure by applying each color of the rainbow in pastel across the tips of your nails horizontally or diagonally.

Remember, when you’re doing your own pastel rainbow nails, it’s all about having fun and experimenting with colors. The softness of pastels can forgive even the smallest of errors, making them perfect for DIY nail art enthusiasts. Whether you choose to wear these designs on a special day or just to brighten up your routine, pastel rainbow nails are sure to bring a smile to your face every time you look down at your hands.

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