The Quilting Turtorial On How To Make Orange Peel Quilt

Hi ladies. Today I have found a turtorial on how to make peel quilts easily by just a small turtorial. This is a turtorial of a handmade work, but also it’s a funny thing.

Let’s firstly look on what you need as supplies. You need 4 packs of 5’’ squares, 4 packs of 5’’ squares background, circle magic plus ruler which has a football shape and 8 yds fusible. That’s what you need to make a peel quilt.

Firstly, take a 5’’ square, put the magic plus ruler on it crossly and cut the square as the ruler shape. Make the same thing with the innerface. The inerface is a thin material, so you can fold it and then cut it the same like the square.

After that, you have to put the innerface on the square that you have cut, and then stitch them by using your sewing machine. After you have sewed them, cut a piece of the square in case to turn them to their front side. Turn them to the front side.

You have made a football shape with these material. Take a background square, put the stuff on the background and press on it with the iron.

What you need to do is to g oto your sewing machine and to stitch your materials with your machine. Continue to do this method to other 4 square pieces with different patterns. When you have the four of them ready, stitch them near to each other and make a big square. Continus doing the method untill you will have the dimension of the quilt that you want.

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You can use different fabrics and make different house stuffs with these methods. The patterns or the colors depend on your taste.