How Was The Naming Of The Withces In The Ancient Times


Witchcraft is a secret teaching of the oldest religions of nature at this time. It is based on old teachings such as root, shamanism, druidism. The basic philosophy of the witches is to know nature, to communicate with nature, to communicate with nature through nature and to know oneself. As a matter of fact, witches work with four elements which are the basic building stone of nature, and take the fifth element, the spiritual journey. In this journey they integrate with the gods they believe to be involved in the transformation of nature and the universe, and eventually they become gods, discovering the gods in them.

Their naming is magical as everything. In the past, witches have chosen their names according to the fact that they will come to world once again and follow their path again. So, you have to think about your naming, because every name has a spirital meaning.

Witches are thought to be lived nowadays. Many people think that they’re living today. So, many of them use witchy names to be protected, because in the past witchy names were protective. But it was also risky. That’s why thousands of people were killed because they were thought as witches. There are many stories about how people in the past were killed.

There are popular names used by witches. Here you have some of them. Diana was the name of the godness of hunting and moon; Lavender was the most used herb in witchcraft; Hazal was the celtic tree of wisdom, Amethyst was the name of a crystal of protective and healing qualities; Scarlet is the color of the blood and the meaning of the life.

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The World of the witches is very huge. While reading this article you wold like to get more informations about them. Continue searching about them.