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Beautiful modern pedicure – bright and simple ideas for your feet this season. Open-toed shoe season is upon us, which means we need to prep our feet and make sure we get a trendy pedicure: fix our heels and paint our nails. Despite the fact that in the new season, stylists offered fashionistas an unusual trend that will appeal to those girls and women who do not have time to do themselves a beautiful pedicure.

But not many of us decided on such an experiment, moreover, the fashionable and beautiful design of toenails 2022-2023 did not disappear anywhere. Therefore, we decided to tell you about fashion trends in pedicure, show a photo of a bright pedicure, and offer simple summer pedicure options with step-by-step instructions. We have collected for you the brightest summer pedicure ideas, fashionable pedicure photos, beautiful toenail designs that you can easily repeat at home. What fashionable pedicure 2022-2023 to do on your legs? We look at the photo of the pedicure and count it in order.

When it comes to nail designs for feet, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some popular and stylish nail designs that you can try for your feet:

1. Classic French Pedicure: Just like the classic French manicure, this design features a natural base with white tips. It’s a timeless and elegant choice for any occasion.

2. Bright Summer Colors: Embrace the vibrant and playful spirit of summer by opting for bright and bold nail colors on your toes. Shades like coral, turquoise, hot pink, and sunny yellow can instantly liven up your feet.

3. Floral Patterns: Bring the beauty of flowers to your toes with floral nail designs. You can either hand-paint the flowers or use floral nail stickers for an easy and eye-catching look.

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4. OmbrΓ© Effect: Create a gradient effect on your nails by blending two or more complementary colors. This can be done vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference.

5. Geometric Patterns: Add a modern and edgy touch to your pedicure by incorporating geometric patterns. You can experiment with lines, triangles, squares, or even intricate mosaic designs.

6. Nautical Theme: Perfect for a beach getaway, a nautical-themed pedicure features designs like anchors, stripes, sailboats, and seashells. Opt for shades like navy blue, white, and red to complete the look.

7. Glitter Accents: Add some sparkle and glamour to your toes by incorporating glitter accents. Apply glitter polish to one or two nails as an accent or create a full glitter pedicure for a dazzling effect.

8. Animal Prints: Leopard print, zebra stripes, or even snake patterns can bring a wild and trendy look to your feet. Experiment with different colors and designs to create a unique animal print pedicure.

9. Metallic Touch: Choose metallic nail polishes in shades like silver, gold, or rose gold for a chic and glamorous pedicure. You can opt for a full metallic look or use metallic accents to enhance your design.

10. Negative Space Designs: Negative space nail designs leave some areas of your natural nails exposed, creating a modern and minimalist look. You can incorporate geometric shapes, lines, or even intricate lace patterns using this technique.

Remember to properly care for your feet and nails by regularly moisturizing and keeping them clean. A pedicure is a great way to pamper yourself and show off your style, so choose a design that speaks to you and enjoy the beautiful and fashionable look of your feet.

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