How To Make Excellent Handmade Small Decorations For Your Bathrooms

Some times our bathrooms may be as small that we cannot decorate it how we want. We put the washing machine in it and sometimes we don’t have a place to put even a small board in it to put our towels. You can create useful and stylish spaces with ideas for decorating small bathrooms. The most important problems in small bathrooms are the inadequacy of storage space and the feeling of lightness.

It is possible to create stylish and useful spaces with the idea of decorating small bathrooms. One of the biggest problems of small bathrooms is that the storage areas are not enough to make our life easier. But with creative decoration ideas you can build wonderful bathrooms.

If you have a small bathroom, you should be careful that all furniture parts are functional. For example, prefer to have a mirror, a closet. This way you get both a mirror and extra storage space. When you use your closet for cosmetics, your mirror needs will be met at the same time. You can always get help from the mirrors to make the small bathrooms more spacious. Big mirrors will show a much wider, more spacious space than the bathroom.

There are another ideas on the photos that you can do easily. For example, you can use your bathroom corners to make some triangle shelfs. You can make some small shelfs near to your bath. You can make your bath smaller, and open a space for your shelsf and put there your towels. The upper part of the bathroom door can be a great place to put a towel shelf. If you use three dimensional wall papers, your bathroom will look bigger than it is.

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