A client recently asked a creative director to make a new campaign ad with LIGHT BLUE AQUA NAILS. After talking to the client and discussing their products, their selling point, color palette and annual refresh, the creative director soon realized that pictures weren’t going to be enough. Tapping into its sense of creativity, Photoshop was available 24/7 at the ready to create three different ads.

LIGHT BLUE AQUA NAILS has been chosen as this month’s blog post because of how easily accessible it is to use on your blog or website designs.

Don’t forget that blue, muted tones include anything from fresh sky to the color of a calm, crashing ocean.

It also amplifies intensity and draws you deeper into its view. This ultimate calming effect might be the reason why so many prefer this shade.

Light blue aqua nails to

For a light-blue-aqua nail polish that you’ve seen on TV, search our online shade finder or watch YouTube videos to get ideas for design and color inspiration.

Because of its newness, it’s really hard for KFC and Nicole Richie to top their status quo “orange is the new black”.

This article discusses the successes and failures of “light blue aqua nails.” The article alleges that this pastel color trend doesn’t have longevity because it quickly falls out of fashion.




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