It’s official—these are the biggest nail trends of 2023, according to experts

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From chic designs to innovative techniques, the nail scene is not taking a back seat in 2023. Let’s dive deep into the trends, and discover what’s making waves in the world of nails.

1. Glazed-Donut Nails:
Popularized by Hailey Bieber, this technique gives the nails a high-gloss finish, reminiscent of the glossy glaze on a fresh donut. Think of it as a luscious sheen that’s deliciously alluring!

2. TikTok’s Red-Nail Theory:
This viral trend has people ditching their extensive color palettes in favor of bold and vibrant red shades. Whether it’s an empowering statement or simply a nod to classic beauty, red nails are here to stay.

3. Modern French Manicure:
The timeless French manicure gets a modern twist with bold tip colors, uneven lines, and even some jewel embellishments. It’s the old classic, but with a sassy makeover.

4. Neon Designs:
Bright and eye-catching, neon nails are for the bold at heart. Expect to see brilliant hues of pink, green, and blue that can light up any room!

5. Optical Illusion Designs:
It’s all about playing with perceptions. These designs incorporate intriguing patterns and color combinations that make you do a double-take.

6. Cat Eye Techniques:
Borrowed from the mesmerizing look of a cat’s eye, this nail trend uses reflective particles and clever painting techniques to recreate the shimmer and depth of feline eyes on your nails.

7. Embracing Barbiecore:
This trend is all about unapologetic femininity. Think pink, glitter, and all things Barbie-inspired.

8. Focus on Nail Health:
Beyond the colors and designs, there’s a growing emphasis on nail health. Products emphasizing hydration, nail strengtheners, and growth serums are on the rise. It’s about flaunting natural, healthy nails with or without polish.

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Whether you’re a minimalist or love going all out with your nail designs, 2023 has something in store for everyone. As nail enthusiasts await even more trends to emerge, one thing is for sure: it’s a fantastic year to have fun with your fingertips. Keep these trends bookmarked, try them out, and flaunt your nail game like never before. After all, when it comes to nails, the sky is the limit!

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