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How To Get Natural Nails Without Polish? Follow The Guide To Always Have Perfect Hands!

If you have always been used to the shine of nail polish, but you want your nails to breathe every now and then, we will tell you how to keep natural nails without polish! In fact, it is essential for every woman to know how to have shiny nails, because there is nothing more feminine than clean and shiny nails.

Like having natural nails without polish

To be able to do without semi-permanent colored nail polish, you need to have an impeccable hand beauty routine. This means that you absolutely need to know some daily hacks. Scrubs, oils, etc. Are important tips that you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle to make sure you have beautiful nails. Wearing gloves when washing the dishes, giving your nails a break from polish whenever possible, or just using some hydrant hand creams can definitely make a difference.

Like having shiny nails without polish but with rose water

Did you know that if you applied rose water on your nails daily, they would become more shiny. There is no need to go for a weekly manicure, because with the rose water used constantly, you will get that shiny look even without nail polish.

Petroleum jelly for natural shiny nails

Another natural way to make your nails shiny. The trick is to constantly apply petroleum jelly to your nails, especially after a shower, when the pores are open, as it helps prevent your nails from losing their natural moisture. This will help keep your nails shiny and healthy.

Cuticle oil for amazing hands

Many women neglect cuticle oil in their nail care routine, but they have no idea how beneficial it is! One of the main measures to make your nails shiny without polish is the application of cuticle oil. How does it help your nails? It prevents your nails from becoming brittle and dry, and yes, it also helps make them shine.

Choose your favorite oil and then distribute it on your nails and cuticles. We strongly recommend almond oil or baby oil, as they keep nails and cuticles hydrated, thus avoiding any cracking or dryness, ensuring healthy and shiny nails.


Natural long nails without polish

We also recommend taking a bath in olive oil:

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Heat a little olive oil, make sure it is not hot, just lukewarm. Dip your nails in olive oil and soak them for two minutes. 3After two minutes, wrap your hands and nails with a plastic bag, or you can wear plastic gloves and leave them for an hour or as long as possible. Once this is done, wash your hands with water and then moisturize. We promise that after this your nails will be as shiny as if you had applied nail polish.

Nails in order without polish: stop to yellow nails

If you apply nail polish regularly, you are more prone to having yellow nails. To help your nails stay healthy, try massaging them periodically with lemon slices.

Yellow nail scrub

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of baking soda 1 tablespoon of lemon juice 1 tablespoon of olive oil

Preparation: Mix the ingredients together until you get a thick paste, and rub into the nails, then wash off with water. This way, you will keep your nails shiny, healthy and strong!


Use a sponge file to polish
Every woman must have a file in her nail care kit. The nail buffer is a simple tool that you can use to scrub with your nails for super shiny nails! As soon as you use a nail buffer and see your nails shiny, you won’t be able to stop using it.


Whitening toothpaste
We know this advice might seem a little unusual, but you just have to experiment with it before you judge, because toothpaste is a great way to make your nails look shiny and healthy without any nail polish on them. Apply a little toothpaste on each nail and, using a wet nail brush, start brushing. Once finished you will immediately see the results you were looking for.

How to make a lemon scrub for healthy and shiny nails:
Surprisingly, there are also nail scrubs, not just exfoliating face masks. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda, a little salt and a lemon in a small bowl of water. Soak your nails in the lemon mixture for about 10 minutes. Using an old toothbrush or nail brush, scrub your nails well and then wash your hands. You won’t need to apply any nail polish after this scrub.