Finally, I Found Where I Wanted to Live: This House Is My New Favorite

As I surfed the internet, I began to look at big house ideas and came across a spacious and comfortable home design of perfect size that I would like to talk about in this article.

This house must have come from the hands of a craftsman. There is a design that is far more than just a simple bar, and something seems to flow in from the artist’s spirit.

It is home to a magnificent view where you can find yourself in an incredible way of gazing when you look out at the door of the house, as well as a spacious room with a spacious interior.

At the same time, when the house is designed, precise lines are not drawn for the furniture, you can change the windows to place the bed, or windows for privacy can be designed in a more conservative structure.

The kitchen and dining table or other dining areas are designed in a structure integrated with the garden. It is possible to find a suitable place for all seasons. You can have a feast in the summer in the garden or in front of the fireplace in the winter.

I think the most beautiful room the artist reflects is the bathroom. It has the possibility of receiving light through the windows placed at the height and it has been taken care not to be contrary to the privacy. Thanks to the large built-in closets, they do not even have to make room for the extra shelves I described in my previous posts. The idea of ​​putting all your makeup materials on a single cupboard is great.

With 3 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms, there is no need to find a place for your boarding guests.

When I looked at the house plan, I gaped to the width of the room reserved for the family. Many architects cannot afford to place such a room in such a subtle way. 2 garage areas are also ideal for families with luxury tastes.

The study room is planned in a quiet place where it must be, and the second floor is designed for general purpose so that you can arrange it as you like.

From the outside, you can be sure that you can find everything it promise in the house. The roof structure designed in the style of European houses has the ideal roof structure for rainy areas. In an area where are so green, there are certainly strong rains.

Yes, when I did a deep research, my first impression of admiration increased even more. Plus, it is designed so regularly that it does not need constant look-up.

With a total area of ​​2267 sq. Ft., This house draws attention to the fine details of the walls, so that it has an inviting atmosphere when viewed from the outside. The big disadvantage of large houses spread out over such a large area is that they have a gloomy atmosphere. All I mention is a house that has the promise of spacious design thanks to its wonderful design.

A family pool was also placed aesthetically in the garden of the house. A feature that you can have fun in when you put yourself out of the house in the hot summer.

I have not seen such a beautiful house that I admired so lately. Really great.


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