Fall Nails 2022: The Designs And Shapes You Should Try This Season!

Well-groomed, beautiful and painted nails will undoubtedly improve your mood, because this is a small gesture of self-love. When it comes to seasonal manicure ideas, you understand that trendy shades and patterns change from season to season. When summer is over and autumn takes over, we change our outfits too, so we need new nail design ideas for our manicure. Let’s see together the trendy news of the autumn 2022 nail season.

nail polish colors fall winter 2021 2022


Considering the nail art trends, it is safe to say that your fall manicure will look very beautiful, elegant and luxurious at the same time!

Trendy nail polish colors fall 2021

nude nail polish fall 2021

There are some color rules for the cooler season of fall 2022. After summer is over, we should ditch the neon nail polish, too bright colors and replace them with something more subdued. This season, manicure colors are inspired by nature and fashion catwalks. Modern neutral tones, dark shades in matt or glossy finishes.

The most suitable colors for autumn: green, burgundy, eggplant, black, various shades of brown, purple, blue, dark gray with a metallic texture, dark red. A nude nail polish palette is also a good choice for a chic manicure for fall 2022. You can also apply glossy polish with subtle classic prints. Other good options are eye-catching fall 2022 nail designs and you can also use gems, glitter, foil, decals, and various themed items to spruce up your manicure and make it special.

Nude manicure fall 2022

autumn 2021 gel nails nude nail polish

Nude manicure is determined by the maximum naturalness in design, it is ideal for manicure of autumn 2022. It is a trendy nude manicure, which will become the basis for nail design in an elegant business style, wedding manicure and any other nail design that will make your look graceful and sophisticated.

The superiority of the nails autumn 2021 nude shades in its brevity, restraint and accuracy. It can be combined with sequins, stones, foil, rubbing to create a trendy and very elegant nail design.

Spectacular dark manicure autumn 2022

nail colors autumn 2021 brown nail polish

A dark colored manicure can add depth and elegance to any nail design. Fall manicure 2021 is hard to imagine without chocolate, burgundy, red, purple, orange, gray and green nail polish.

  • A shade of hot chocolate for nails will look great with cozy woolen pieces and will perfectly complement your look this fall.
  • One of the most exquisite nail colors of the fall 2021 nail season is gray, it looks great and will be relevant this season, from light shades to rich, like wet asphalt.
  • Mustard is one of the best colors for fall 2021. Yellow-green is perfect for all skin tones – it looks good on everyone.
  • One of this year’s brightest and trendiest shades is green, and it will look great in your fall looks, especially with a matte top.
  • Deep purple is a fun and vibrant color that especially stands out in the fall, looks spectacular on both short and long nails.
  • Burgundy is the most sophisticated lacquer color for the fall 2021 season, with it any design will be relevant this fall.

Autumn manicure with 2021 pattern

An elegant autumn pattern will add playfulness and attention to your style and make every nail special in 2021.

The nail designs below cover all aspects of autumn, and the trendy shades of varnishes will only highlight the trend of your manicure.

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Autumn manicure with leaves and branches – new photo 2021

autumn gel nails 2021 leaves designs

Autumn leaves on nails come in a variety of colors and shapes. You can paint maple leaves or any other tree you like. A palette of red, orange and golden yellow lacquers adorning the leaves in fall make this design a great nail art for 2021, symbolizing the beauty of the season.

Fall leaf nail designs today include many wonderful ideas that aren’t that hard to replicate at home.

Fall 2021 themed nail art

nail art autumn 2021 nail polish shades of brown

Fall 2021 nail designs should reflect the beauty of the season. Autumn changes can be seen everywhere in nature, which is a great inspiration for manicure.

Autumn 2021 manicure in the style of abstract

nails autumn 2021 yellow nail polish

Abstract is one of the most loved nail designs in the world. Simple designs, images and strokes in trendy and trendy colors will be great ideas for the fall 2021 manicure season.

Animal print autumn manicure: fashion design 2021

Animal print in manicure has not lost its relevance for several seasons. Leopard, tiger, zebra, cow, snake and turtle prints are in trend this season. Kylie Jenner very often shows her spectacular manicure with an animal print.

Ombre manicure 2021

enamel colors 2021 ombre effect

The essence of ombre manicure is to erase the boundaries between different shades that are applied to the nail plate. Such smooth and delicate transitions are not found in any other manicure technique.

To create a trendy nail design fall 2021, use soft shades of nude or choose an interesting combination of spectacular burgundy, purple, gray varnish. The gradient color transition allows you to fully reveal the beauty and all the tenderness of the design. Gradient colors are also best for long nails to better highlight the range of shades.

Matte autumn manicure

2021 matte black nails

Spectacular, discreet and very elegant – it’s all about matte manicure. Any shade of paint is transformed with a matte top.

The time of the cozy sweater is almost here, and matte is the perfect way to complement your fall wardrobe in 2021. You can confidently use a matte top to create an eye-catching and concise manicure that meets all the criteria of elegance. The nails in this design look incredibly delicate, because the velvety texture softens even the brightest shades and shine of the jewelry.

Different manicure on both hands

different polish on both hands

An unusual manicure with different designs on both hands will become an elegant autumn trend in 2021. Such a manicure will definitely not leave your hands unnoticed. Manicure looks mega trendy, where a monochromatic coating on the one hand is combined with a pattern on the other, while the shade of a monochromatic coating is duplicated in the pattern. Be sure to try this type of design this fall.

French manicure nails autumn 2021

French manicure nails autumn 2021


French manicure is a classic among the many ideas for an autumn manicure. It goes perfectly with an elegant style. In the fall, try to diversify your favorite jacket, for example, make a smile not white, but choose brown, green, red or any other trendy shade of 2021.

Translucent manicure: ideas for fall 2021

autumn manicure nails with patterns

Translucent shades of paints have become the hottest trend in 2021, so this design will be relevant in the fall. Translucent manicure is combined with all techniques and types of nail designs. Translucent autumn 2021 nail design looks beautiful with foil, sparkles, minimalism, abstraction with a pattern, stones and rhinestones.

nail polish red autumn 2021

powder pink nude nail polish fall 2021

French manicure pink and orange nail polish

french manicure inversa

autumn manicure almond nails

nail polish brown nail art autumn 2021

glossy black enamel with glitter