The Best Turtorial On Making Scarf By Criss Cross Crochet

You may have heared about the criss cross crochet. When you look at the classic corchets, you can see that they go the same at all the models. But criss cross crochet has a really different look and effect. It gives a three dimensional look.

I want you to start your knitting, like normal knitting heads. Throw your wool aroud your finger twice, then insert needle in the knot. We can start to knit like a normal weave. You can extend the length of the shawl as much as you like. When it comes to the length you want, turn the woven fabric you have turned over, and start kitting from the second knit with the needle.

When you come to the end of the line, turn the wool again and make three weaves. When you come to the fourth knot, jump over three knits and put your four knots in your knitting needle, and then make three more knits. This process is the same in the opposite direction of the knitting.

keep doing this until you get to the end of the line, remember, you will jump three rows each time. Your hand will get used to it when you make a tie, and you will do it faster. When the knitting comes to an end, turn around again in the same way and continue to do it as you did in the first row. Do this as much as your scarf will be as thick as you want.

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This is going to be difficult for you when you first read the article. But when you start to do it, you’ll actually see how easy it is. When you make a mesh pattern in this way, you will look much different. Buy a wool and start doing it.