87+ Chic Easter Nails To Try This Spring

Springtime and Easter bring a refreshing splash of colors and themes perfect for showcasing on your nails. As you shed the dark and moody tones of winter, it’s time to embrace the pastels, bright patterns, and playful designs that embody the season of renewal. Here’s a curated selection of chic Easter nail ideas that will ensure your manicure is as festive as your Easter bonnet.

1. Pastel Rainbow

Gradient nails featuring a different pastel shade on each finger, reminiscent of Easter eggs and spring blossoms.

2. Bunny Accents

Opt for a minimalist look with a nude base and a delicate bunny silhouette on the accent nail.

3. Speckled Egg

Create a textured look that mimics a robin’s egg with a speckled polish or by dotting a pastel base with tiny flecks of brown and cream.

4. Dainty Florals

Incorporate small, hand-painted flowers or floral stickers that evoke the feel of an Easter garden in bloom.

5. Gingham Print

A gingham pattern in soft pinks, blues, or yellows offers a nostalgic and picnic-ready vibe perfect for Easter.

6. Golden Glitter Fade

A gold glitter fade over a pastel base adds a touch of glamour to your Easter ensemble.

7. Peekaboo Polka Dots

A sheer base with small, pastel polka dots gives a playful and whimsical touch that’s subtle yet festive.

8. Chic Chevron

Chevron patterns in a mix of Easter colors for a more geometric and modern nail art option.

9. Foil Accents

Gold or silver foil accents over pastel colors can mimic the luxurious feel of Easter egg foil wrappers.

10. Basket Weave Texture

An intricate basket weave design that pays homage to the traditional Easter basket, using nude shades for a sophisticated look.

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11. Jelly Bean Hues

Bright, jelly bean-inspired colors with a high-gloss finish to capture the joy and fun of the holiday.

12. Charming Chick

For the playful at heart, a tiny chick design on one or two nails adds a cute Easter touch without overwhelming.

13. Lavender Fields

A beautiful lavender shade that’s calming and reminiscent of spring flower fields.

14. Cross Stitch Hearts

Heart patterns with a cross-stitch effect in pastel hues for a crafty and unique Easter nail design.

15. Baby Blue Sky

A light blue polish with wisps of white can represent the clear, sunny skies of a perfect spring day.


Easter is a time for joyful celebration and your nails should reflect that. These chic nail designs offer a creative and stylish way to incorporate the spirit of Easter into your look. Whether you’re attending an Easter service, going on an egg hunt, or enjoying a family brunch, these nail ideas will add a perfect pop of springtime charm to your festivities.

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