65 Photos: Best and Easy Christmas Toe Nail Designs

The holiday season is the perfect time to add some festive flair to your look, right down to your toenails! You don’t need to break the bank to get your toenails ready for Christmas. In fact, there are plenty of adorable and easy-to-do Christmas toenail art designs that you can create yourself. Whether you’re a nail art pro or a beginner, we’ve got you covered with these cute and festive Christmas nail art ideas for your toenails. Let’s get into the holiday spirit and make your toes twinkle!

1. Classic Candy Canes:

  • Paint your toenails with a bright red base.
  • Add white stripes diagonally to create candy cane stripes.
  • Finish with a glossy top coat for extra shine.

2. Santa Hats:

  • Paint your toenails in festive red.
  • On the big toe, create a white triangle at the tip for Santa’s hat.
  • Add a small white pom-pom at the tip for extra cuteness.

3. Christmas Lights:

  • Choose a dark green or black base color.
  • Paint tiny multi-colored dots in a zigzag pattern on each toenail to mimic Christmas lights.

4. Snowflakes on Blue:

  • Paint your toenails a wintry light blue.
  • Add delicate white snowflakes using a thin nail art brush or nail stamping plates.

5. Reindeer Toes:

  • Paint your toenails with a warm brown polish.
  • Create tiny reindeer faces on your big toes with white eyes and red noses.

6. Holly Jolly Toes:

  • Use a bright green polish as the base color.
  • Paint red holly berries and leaves on one or two toenails for a festive touch.

7. Christmas Sweater Toes:

  • Choose a base color like navy blue or red.
  • Use a thin nail brush to create sweater-like patterns with white or silver polish.
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8. Christmas Ornaments:

  • Paint your toenails in a neutral color like white or silver.
  • Add colorful dots and lines to mimic Christmas ornaments on each toenail.

9. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer:

  • Start with a light brown base.
  • Paint Rudolph’s face on one big toenail, complete with a red nose and antlers.

10. Christmas Presents: – Use a variety of bright colors as your base. – Paint tiny ribbon bows on each toenail to resemble festive gift boxes.

11. Grinch Toes: – Choose a vibrant Grinch green as your base color. – Add Grinch faces with white eyes and a mischievous smile to your big toenails.

12. Sparkling Snowfall: – Opt for a pale blue or white base. – Apply silver or white glitter polish to create a snowfall effect.


Getting your toenails ready for the holiday season is a fun and creative way to embrace the festive spirit. With these easy and cute Christmas toenail art designs, you can add a touch of holiday magic to your look without the need for expensive salon treatments. So, gather your nail polishes and brushes, and let your toes shine bright this Christmas!

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