55 Trendy Short Gel Nails To Copy

Summer is the season to flaunt those trendy manicures, and if you are someone who loves keeping their nails short, you are in for a treat! Short gel nails are not only manageable but also super chic, especially when you want to keep things fun and flirty. Dive into the world of short summer gel nails with us.

1. Why Short Gel Nails?

Short nails are practical for day-to-day tasks and are less prone to breakage. When coupled with gel polish, they become resilient and stay immaculate longer. Plus, short nails can look just as glamorous as their longer counterparts!

2. Gel Nails: The Longer-Lasting Choice

Traditional nail polishes can chip within days, but gel nails? They stay put for weeks! The UV-cured polish ensures minimal wear and tear, making them perfect for beach vacations or busy summers where frequent touch-ups aren’t on the agenda.

3. DIY or Salon?

While salons offer expertise, doing gel nails at home has become increasingly popular. Thanks to numerous DIY kits and even ready-made gel nail sets available on platforms like Etsy, achieving that perfect summer look is within everyone’s reach. However, if you’re new to gel nails, starting with a professional touch might be advisable.

4. Designs to Love:

  • Ocean Vibes: Think aqua blues, tiny seashells, or even adorable starfish!
  • Sunset Hues: Gradient nails featuring the mesmerizing colors of a summer sunset are sure to turn heads.
  • Tropical Touch: Palm trees, pineapples, or just lush green – summer in a design!
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5. Gel Nail Removal:

While gel nails are fabulous, removing them requires care. Soaking them in an acetone-filled bowl, and gently pushing the polish off with a wooden stick is the most common method. Remember, patience is key! Rushing can damage your natural nails. Alternatively, there are numerous at-home gel polish removal kits available in the market.

In Conclusion:

Short gel nails are the ideal blend of practicality and fashion. Whether you’re an active beachgoer, a summer party enthusiast, or someone who simply adores the spirit of the season, these nails are a match made in heaven. Dive into the world of gel nails this summer, and you won’t look back. Embrace the trend, and let your nails do the talking!

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