41+ Causes Shellac Nail Design Is The Manicure You Want Proper Now

In the ever-evolving realm of beauty and self-expression, the pursuit of the perfect manicure remains a relentless challenge. We’ve all experienced the highs and lows of nail design – the anticipation of a new color, the frustration of a quick chip, the allure of acrylics, and the dismay at the damage they can cause. As we navigate through this current year, it’s time to ask: why are we still struggling with these nail woes?

The Bottled Promise vs. Reality

How often have we been enchanted by a nail polish in the bottle, only to find that its magic fades upon application? The color that seemed so vibrant or unique in the store doesn’t translate onto our nails. This mismatch can be due to various factors, from the opacity of the polish to the way it interacts with our natural nail color. The solution? Research and reviews. Before buying, look for swatches online or try a sample if possible. Some brands also offer virtual try-on apps, allowing you to see how a color might look on your nails.

The Short-lived Perfection

One of the most common grievances is the longevity of nail polish. Chipping and smudging can occur within minutes or hours of application, turning a manicure into a mess. The key here is preparation and quality. Invest in a good base coat to protect your nails and improve polish adherence. After applying your color, a top-quality top coat can make all the difference in durability. Quick-drying formulas might save time initially but often compromise on the longevity of the polish.

The Acrylics and Gels Dilemma

Acrylic and gel nails offer a durable and long-lasting solution, but at what cost? The damage these treatments can inflict on natural nails is a significant concern. Brittle, thin, and sometimes painful nails are often the price for weeks of flawless fingertips. The solution doesn’t lie in shunning these options but in choosing a reputable technician and ensuring that your natural nails are given time to recover between applications. Also, explore newer, nail-friendly options like dip powder or bio gel, which promise longevity with less damage.

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Moving Forward in Nail Care

As we progress through the year, the call for healthier, more resilient nail solutions grows louder. Brands are innovating with formulas that promise durability without damage. Nail care is also seeing a renaissance, with more focus on nourishing and strengthening natural nails. Cuticle oils, nail conditioners, and fortifying base coats are becoming staples in manicure routines.


The journey to the ultimate manicure is fraught with trials, but it’s also an avenue for creativity and self-expression. By being informed, selective, and attentive to the health of our nails, we can enjoy the art of nail design without the traditional pitfalls. As the industry evolves, we remain hopeful and excited for solutions that bring us closer to the dream of the perfect manicure. After all, our nails are not just a canvas for beauty but a reflection of our personal style and the care we give to ourselves.

In case you are new to shellac polish then you’re in for a deal with. Shellac is half gel, half polish product by Artistic Nail Design (CND) that could be a staple of any nail addict. A Shellac manicure is a 3-step course of (base coat, colour coat, and high coat) that’s set with UV or LED mild which makes it immediately dry. You could have heard of a “gel manicure” (to not be confused with “gels” that are a kind of pretend nails). A “gel manicure” is definitely only a manicure with Shellac nail polish!

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