40+ Chic Watermelon Nails To Try Out

Watermelon nails are a fun and playful nail art choice, typically featuring the classic red and green color scheme. However, there’s a world of creativity beyond these traditional hues. Here’s a guide to some unique and eye-catching alternatives to the classic watermelon nail design.

1. Pastel Pink & Pastel Green:

  • Swap out the bold red for a softer pastel pink and pair it with pastel green. This combination gives a delicate and trendy twist to the watermelon theme.

2. Yellow & Green:

  • For a sunny and cheerful take, use a bright yellow instead of red. It creates a fun, summery vibe while keeping the essence of the watermelon theme.

3. Neon Pink and Neon Green:

  • Amp up the vibrancy with neon pink and neon green. This combo is perfect for those who love bold and striking nail art.

4. Red & Teal:

  • Red paired with teal instead of green offers a cool contrast. This unexpected color combination can make your watermelon nails stand out.

5. Orange & Green:

  • Using orange with green can give a tropical twist to the watermelon design. It’s an unconventional but visually appealing option.

6. Different Shades of Green:

  • Play with various shades of green for a monochromatic take on the watermelon rind. From mint to emerald, there are many shades to explore.

7. Watermelon Seeds as a Focal Point:

  • Regardless of the colors used, adding the iconic black seeds can make the design instantly recognizable as watermelon. Experiment with the placement and size of the seeds for added interest.

8. Watermelon French Tips:

  • Instead of a full watermelon design, consider incorporating the theme into French tips. This subtler approach can be just as playful and creative.
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9. Watermelon Accents on Neutral Base:

  • Create a minimalistic look by painting one or two nails with a watermelon design and keeping the rest in a neutral shade.

10. Watermelon Art on Feature Nails:

  • Choose one or two nails as your feature nails for the watermelon design, and paint the others in coordinating solid colors.

These creative twists on watermelon nails prove that you can have fun with nail art by stepping outside the box of traditional color schemes. Whether you prefer pastels, neons, or unexpected color pairings, there’s a watermelon nail design out there for everyone. So next time you’re getting a manicure, consider one of these fresh and creative takes on the classic watermelon theme.

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