40+ Beautiful Purple Nails Inspiration Photos + Trends

Purple Nails: From Lilac to Lavender to Plum

Purple nails are often overlooked in the realm of manicure shades, as they can be slightly intimidating to pull off in a sophisticated manner. However, with the right inspiration and a touch of creativity, purple can transform into a classy and elegant nail color choice. Here’s a range of 50+ purple nail inspirations that are bound to change your mind and encourage you to embrace the hue in all its glory.

The Lightest Lilac

  1. Subtle Lilac Sheen: A sheer lilac polish for a natural but polished look.
  2. Lilac French Tips: A twist on the classic French manicure using soft lilac.
  3. Lilac and Silver Glitter: Alternate nails with sparkling silver to complement the light purple.

Pastel Purples

  1. Matte Pastel Purple: A flat finish for a modern take on the pastel trend.
  2. Pastel Purple with Floral Accents: White flowers painted over one accent nail.
  3. Pastel Marble Effect: Swirls of white and pastel purple for a marbled design.

The Royal Purples

  1. Regal Purple with Gold Flakes: A rich purple with gold leaf for added opulence.
  2. Royal Purple and Rhinestone Glamour: Adorn with small gems along the cuticle line.
  3. Glossy Royal Purple: A high-gloss finish to make the color pop.

Into the Violet

  1. Metallic Violet: Futuristic and sleek, metallic violet nails are a showstopper.
  2. Violet and Chevron: A chevron pattern using different shades of purple.
  3. Violet Ombre: Transition from light to dark violet across the nails.

Deep and Dark Purples

  1. Eggplant Elegance: A deep eggplant shade that’s nearly black for a dramatic effect.
  2. Plum with a Matte Finish: A dark plum in a matte finish for a velvet-like texture.
  3. Shimmery Dark Purple: A hint of shimmer gives dark purple nails a mysterious allure.

Playful Purples

  1. Purple Polka Dots: Fun and flirty polka dots over a light purple base.
  2. Purple with Cartoon Art: Bold purple combined with pop art or cartoon drawings.
  3. Electric Purple Passion: Bright purple nails that are vivid and eye-catching.

Mixed with Other Colors

  1. Purple and Pink Gradient: A smooth transition from purple to pink for a girly touch.
  2. Blue and Purple Geode Nails: Mimicking the natural beauty of geodes in similar tones.
  3. Purple, Teal, and Gold Triangles: Graphic triangles in a trendy color combo.

Sophisticated Textures

  1. Purple Chrome Nails: Reflective chrome finish for a touch of futuristic sophistication.
  2. Purple Glitter Bomb: Glitter-encrusted nails for when you want to go all out.
  3. Purple Suede Effect: A special polish that gives the look and feel of suede.

For the Love of Lilac

  1. Lilac and White Swirls: Swirly patterns that give off a soft and dreamy vibe.
  2. Lilac with Lace Details: Delicate lace designs for a touch of femininity.
  3. Lilac Tipped with Glitter: Glitter-dipped tips to add sparkle to the pastel base.
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Unexpected Combinations

  1. Purple and Neon Yellow: Bold neon yellow lines over a purple base for a striking contrast.
  2. Purple and Black Marble: A luxurious marble effect using purple and black.
  3. Purple and Orange Abstract: Abstract art combining purple with pops of orange.

Purple Patterns

  1. Purple Tartan: A sophisticated plaid pattern in various purple hues.
  2. Houndstooth in Purple: Classic houndstooth print with a purple twist.
  3. Purple Animal Print: Leopard or zebra prints using purple instead of traditional colors.

Seasonal Inspirations

  1. Spring Lilac Blooms: Light purple with delicate floral designs for spring.
  2. Halloween Purples: Deep purples mixed with black for spooky Halloween nails.
  3. Winter Glitter Gradient: A gradient of purple to silver glitter, like a frosty winter morning.

Festive Purples

  1. Holiday Purple and Gold: Festive nails using purple with gold stars or ornaments.
  2. New Year’s Purple Sparkle: Ring in the new year with nails that glitter like fireworks.
  3. Valentine’s Day Hearts: Purple nails with cute pink hearts for a romantic look.

Unique Textures

  1. Purple Velvet Nails: Nails that look and feel like soft velvet.
  2. Purple Matte with Glossy Tips: Combining matte and glossy finishes on the same nail.
  3. 3D Purple Art: Adding textured elements like beads or flowers to the nails.

Accent Nails

  1. One Glittery Purple Nail: A single nail covered in purple glitter as an accent.
  2. Purple with a Feature Nail: A different design on the ring finger to stand out.
  3. Purple with Crystal Accents: Strategic placement of crystals to catch the light.

Artistic Expressions

  1. Abstract Purple Art: Splashes of various purples for an abstract manicure.
  2. Purple Watercolor Effect: Soft, watercolor smears of purple for an artistic touch.
  3. Purple Galaxy Nails: A cosmic design with stars and nebulae patterns.

Purple French Manicure

  1. Purple French with a Twist: French tips in dark purple with a contrasting base color.
  2. Reverse French in Purple: A reverse French mani with purple at the cuticle line.
  3. Glittery Purple Tips: Sparkly purple tips for a dazzling French manicure update.


These 50+ purple nail inspirations showcase the color’s vast potential, from the softest lilac to the deepest plum. Purple can indeed be a classy choice for your nails, and with the right shade and design, it can suit any style or occasion. Let these inspirations be your guide to stepping out of your comfort zone and experimenting with this majestic color on your nails.


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